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7. března 2009 v 20:50 | Martin
Every year my high school organizes a variety show. It is a big event and each time hundreds of students and their parents come to watch it. Everyone who can sing, dance, play music or do anything interesting, can sign up. Registration is for free and the raised money goes to those who have attanded. It is an excellent opportunity for all who are in an amateur band to have a first concert, for writers to read their poetry and for others to dance, sing or just talk in front of many people.
As always, the variety show was in the school auditorium. It is a big hall that looks like a theater, and all important events are held there.

The entire show went smoothly from the begining to the end and was absolutely awesome. In almost two hours there were about 20 acts, among them some really good hip hop dancers, music players and singers, and one guy had a magic show. That was particulary good because no one could find how it was done. The audience, composed mainly of students, was cheering and clapping like mad every time someone had finished. There were some really old people in the audience too, grandparents I guess, all dressed up formaly. When the whole show had ended and people were coming out, I heard them talking about the hip hop dance. They obviously didnt know what to think of it. Their expressions were of slight disbelieve and they were all smiling uncertainly. I, on the other hand, thought the hip hop was excellent. The dancers knew all these moves that look like you are gliding above the floor instead of walking and so on. There was no act I would really dislike, some of them were maybe to long.
Because I have been trying to play drums a little in past few months, I payed extra attention to all drum players. There was a boy who had a solo on drums, and was amazing. His drum-set must have been somehow extended, because there was almost twice as many drums as usuall. He was playing like crazy and was completely in it. Just when I thought his hands could not move any faster, one of his drum stick came flying in the air. There was a pause, in which everyone was watching as the stick went straight up, spinning in the light, and fell somewhere behind the stage. Meanwhile the shocked boy was trying to organize his poor drums and kept it playing only one-handed. He was hiting it desperately here and there as fast as he could so not to make it sound bad:) It sounded horrible, actually, but almost immidiately after he had dropped it he managed to find another stick and finished his show.

As I said, the whole variety show was excellent and I had a great time. Only the fact that there was nothing I could performe made me feel little sad. American students seem to have learned much more than we have in Czech. Compare to the czech study-only schools, on american high school you can chose to take music or sport lessons as a normal class. While I have spent all my life learning useless stuff, people here have learned to play drums, guitars, pianos, to sing or dance. As a result, when it comes to the real life, like the variety show, I cannot do anything practical. Of course, americans often do not know some history details or names of rivers in China and maybe their math is not on such level as in Czech - there is just no time for it at their schools. That makes some people think they are stupid..

Because I am a member of a group called "stage craft", I was helping with the spot lights. I had never done it before and the feeling of having the power over the actors was quite nice. By directing the beam of light I could decide where all people would be looking. At several occasions I followed someone as they were walking away from the stage and it made them all nervous:) They could not see me, though, because I was far away and besides it is impossible to look straight to the light.

It is a pity that there is nothing like Variety show in Czech schools. In America, the school is part of student's life, not just a place for studying.

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2 ezxpgub ezxpgub | E-mail | Web | 16. dubna 2009 v 6:22 | Reagovat

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4 Martin Martin | 16. dubna 2009 v 21:40 | Reagovat

hele uklidni se, pane "pub", jinak si dam tu praci a smazu to, stejne to nedava smysl. asi spam

5 Ondřej Mařík Ondřej Mařík | 16. dubna 2009 v 22:32 | Reagovat

You're wrong, there is something like Variety show in Czech schools. Actually, i know only one school where a tradition like this is held, it's Gymnazium Heyrovskeho. I saw it last year because i know a few people from that school. And i have to say that (based on your experience) it was really not that good. Some dancers were great, but some of the rest were boring.

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7 Andress Andress | 27. dubna 2009 v 22:23 | Reagovat

Ahoj, super blog tak trochu vyjímečnej mezi záplavou těch obyčejnech popisů typu cos jsem dneska zase dělal.
K Variety show na mý škole (AG Štěpánská) se něco podobnýho pořádá docela často i když v odost menším měřítku a má to ůroveň. :) Většinou tam chodí jen lidi co zůstavaj po škole ve škole na nějaký sporty, divadlo, výtvarku ,nebo něco podobnýho a tvořej tak něco jako partu fajn lidí.

8 Martin Martin | 29. dubna 2009 v 2:04 | Reagovat

dekuju moc, jen by me zajimalo jak si se na ten blog dostal?

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