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6. února 2009 v 23:47 | Martin
I dont usually ride the bus from school, but yesterday I did. I wasnt feeling too well that day. The weather has been changing a lot lately and I am almost always too cold or too hot. Even the temperature at school varies from class to class - for example in one room it is every day as hot as in sauna. The teacher says it is because he has a warm heart (God bless him, he is a real sweatheart, but in his best interest I hope that that is not the reason - there are certain guys at school who would be more than glad to have a couple of hot teachers to play with). In other room, by contrast, it is so cold that the teacher usually doesnt say anything and we just chill. And beside all that, I am not the youngest one anymore and so it's no wonder I sometimes don't feel as well as I used to.

Anyway, I rode the bus yesterday. It was cold and I was tired. Immediately after I stepped in I noticed an awfull smell hanging in the air. As far as I could judge it smelled like a fresh dog shit, although this was of a heavier and more bitter kind if you know what I mean. I couldn't tell where it was comming from and that bothered me - looking for a dog's crap was something I got really good at during my first days here, and I have come to think myself almost an expert in it. The bus was full of it, but no one seemed to have noticed and a pleasant chat could be heard from everywhere I looked. I staggered to my seat and thought it would be a great trip. Then I spotted a window. It looked like it had not been used since September and it probably had not. Only an idiot would open a window when it was winter outside. After I had pulled it down as much as possible I sat back to my seat. By that time everyone was watching me.

"Oh my gosh!! Did he really just open the window??"

The ironic voice came from a girl sitting almost at the same level with me, only on the other side of the bus. She wasnt talking to me though, but to others, as if I was some sort of a badly behaved creature that needed to explain itself. She and the smell was enough, I got pissed off. Her question was pointless - I knew she had seen me opening it - and if not she could have asked ME. I stood up and said in an shocked voice: "OH MY GOSH! Did he really?? But no, that must have been so exciting!!"
That shut her up. And as there was nobody else saying anything, the window remainded open for the rest of the ride.
I would like to assume it was all because of my unresistable authority and mental power, but maybe the true reason was they were around 15 and I was 18. It turned out to be really cold outside and so I put my hat and gloves on. With this I closed my eyes, turned on my mp3 player and enjoyed the rest of the ride. The fresh air was blowing to my face, Freddie Mercury singing his best and by the time I arrived I was as healthy as ever, and had this article finished in my head.

To those who know me it must sound familiar. I wonder what my old class in Czech is doing without me - who opens all the windows and let the fresh air come in every day? The fact is that a lot of people obviously do not open windows almost at all. There are surely some (both Americans and Czech) who do, but to me, having lived almost all my life with windows opened all year round, a normal USA house often seems to be a little stale. Bad smell in the house was also one of the things I had feard most before I came. Fortunatery the family I am now staying with keeps their house always clean and fresh, so I have no problem with this. But in the Baltimore area, where it's as hot as shit in summer and as cold as shit in winter, all windows are usually shut. And sometimes even a thing like a REAL shit, right on a carpet, doesnt make any difference - you just add an air refresher. Only in spring and fall, during the short period of time when the temperature outside is about the same as inside, you can find windows being opened. The idea that windows are just for regulating the temperature and not for changing the air is everywhere. It is true that it costs a lot of money to cool or heat the house, especially when you are living in palaces like here, but still, fresh air is important.
I will dedicate my life to proving it!


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1 Martin Martin | 7. února 2009 v 17:14 | Reagovat

Woo-hoo! Prvni tisicovka navstev :D :D Tak sem neodolal si napsat komentar

2 Pavel Pavel | 11. února 2009 v 22:21 | Reagovat

Tak šup, teď tu druhou tisícovku. ;-)

3 Martin Martin | 11. února 2009 v 23:02 | Reagovat

tak to zalezi jen na vas :) dej to precist lidem co znas a druha tisicovka je na svete! Potrebuju inzerci:)

4 Pavel Pavel | 11. února 2009 v 23:53 | Reagovat

Ok. Ale když udělám reklamu, tak by to tu chtělo taky google adsense, ať z toho něco je. ;-)

5 Martin Martin | 12. února 2009 v 1:24 | Reagovat

co je adsence?

6 Pavel Pavel | 12. února 2009 v 11:20 | Reagovat

No je to reklamní systém... Ty si hodíš na svuj web google reklamu a když ti na to někdo klikne, tak za to dostaneš nějakých pár setin centu... Na googlu bude určitě víc info a bude to tam i přesnější.

7 Verča Verča | E-mail | 26. června 2009 v 9:34 | Reagovat

"OH MY GOSH! Did he really?? But no, that must have been so exciting!!" :D:D:D tak tahle věta mě dostala, čtu si to teď ve škole na hodině IVT chytla jsem u toho hroznej výtlem, třída na mě koukala trochu zvláštně:D :D:D:D

8 Martin Martin | 28. června 2009 v 14:40 | Reagovat

Pokud mi chces udelat favour, tak jim to dej precist taky a rozsiri se pocet mych ctenaru :)

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