!!Friday 13th!!

15. února 2009 v 0:01 | Martin
Dont tell me there is nothing like Unlucky Friday 13th. I dont want to hear it. If you tried to tell me it is all just a myth and no one believes it, I wouldnt listen. Not after this Friday 13th.

It started like a normal school day. That means I woke up at 6 15 in the morning. After this, however, things began to go downhill with such an ill force only Friday 13 can have. For the rest of the day everything was going from bad to worse and and it did not stop till Saturday.

I wanted to have my breakfast warm and when doing that I burnt my toast (a little bit).
Then I took Coul out but forgot to take my jacket so I was cold for a little while.
Then we arrived to school and I went to my first class. It wasnt quite as hot there as usuall, but the whole room smelled a little bit. The teacher obviously did not have a worm heart that day, but had hanged tons of balloons in his classroom. They had been there for two days and the smell of rubber was gross. One girl said it smelled a great deal like kondoms.
My first guitar class was good except the fact that I had lost all my picks and had to buy new ones. It costed me almost a dollar.
Chemistry wasnt so good. I did not have my homework done and was begining to feel a little tired. Just when I thought I would fell asleep, one of our chemical formulas - arsenic sulfide - came out to be AsS. Everyone was happy and it woke me up (a little bit).
The second guitar class was normal but my fingers started to hurt a little.
History was boring and I did not do anything. I felt something was a little bit wrong that day.
Lunch was pleasant. My Friday 13th sandwitch was as good as the Thursday 12th and I heard a new joke:
"How do you know that your roommate is gay? Because his dick tastes like shit (a little bit)"
After lunch I had English class. There another friend told me another joke:
"A gay man goes into a tattoo shop and tells the artist he wants a tattoo of a car on his dick. The artist asks what kind of car? And the gay guy says: you better make a truck, because it is going to get mudddyyy!"
At that point I should have realized something was wrong. Two excellent jokes like these in one hour, that does not happen every day. It is a bad sign but of course I did not know it at that time.
Then there were two last periods, government and math. I was feeling really sick and was glad when the school was over.
While waiting for my host-brother to drive us home, I got a little bit of a cake from one girl who was passing by. I had never got a piece of somebody's valentine cake before. I can only guess why she did it, but I think I must have looked so ill that she gave it to me like a sign of good bye.

When we got home I was wondering whether I should take my temperature. It was Coul who decided it. I usually take him out when I return from school, but that day he just looked at me and went to sleep again. You know how people say that dogs have some special senses - it seems to be true. He just knew I was not able to walk that day. When I took my temperature I had 100 F.
After that I went to bed and was a little dizzy for a little while. I discovered that my camera on my phone could be turned to face me and at the same time I could still see the display. I spent about 20 minutes watching myself in the phone and it was really cool. The phone was a little slower than reality, so when I closed my eyes and opened them again, I saw myself blinking back at me.
After that I went to bed and had a little bit of sleep.

Now, after reading all this terrible little misfortunes that had happened to me:)), you must know how I felt when I discovered that there is another Friday 13th next month...

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1 Martin Martin | 15. února 2009 v 0:11 | Reagovat

btw. stalo se vam neco na tenhle patek? Samozrejme ne tak hroznyho jako mne tady, ale to nevadi

2 Jirka Jirka | 15. února 2009 v 9:56 | Reagovat

ja jsem zjistil, ze je patek 13. az kdyz nam ve skole rekli, ze si mame napsat datum :D... ale nestalo se nic zajimaveho :(

3 Pavel Pavel | 15. února 2009 v 21:36 | Reagovat

Jo, taky nic... Normální pátek. Ale spíš by mě zajímalo, jak moc tam prožívaj Valentýna?

4 Martin Martin | 16. února 2009 v 2:21 | Reagovat

moc ne. Hodne se to proziva v televizi, kde je porad reklama "dejte ji vedet jak moc ji milujete, jewellery 123 Canton road nebo tak, ale ve skutecnosti na to kazdej kasle. Vsichni jsou spis nervozni z prom

5 Pavel Pavel | 16. února 2009 v 10:00 | Reagovat

Aha. Takže jen další šance vydělat peníze... xD

6 Vojta Vojta | E-mail | 16. února 2009 v 16:56 | Reagovat

Ja jsem v patek mluvil s gangstrerem, on teda vic mluvil se mnou. Sel jsem ze skoly, kde jsem se zdrzel, tak jsem byl sam, prazdna ulice, az na hloucek sedici na rohu. Minul jsem je ale vto se jeden z nich odtrhl a sel za mnou, dosel me s mobilem v ruce, kde hrala muzika ale byl rozbitej display. Tak se me zeptal jestli nevim kolik je hodin(tj tady stary trik a cilem je aby clovek vytahl mobil). Tak jsem mu rekl ze mobil nemam pac jdu ze skoly,kam je nesmime nosit. A on ze je gangster a jestli mu nedam mobil tak me bodne a ukazal nozem na jeho vytetovany cislo 27 na ruce(tady jsou 3 hlavni skupiny gangsteru: 26,27 a 28). Tak jsem mu rek ze fakt zadnej mobil nemam a on znova ze me bodne kdyz mu ho nedam. Tak jsem uz trochu nervozne, ze nic nemam a ukazal jsem mu prazdne kapsy.(sel jsem ve skolni uniforme, tak mi asi uveril) Na to on se otocil a nechal me, musela to pro nej ale byt potupa mezi ostatnimy pac beloch se v tyhle ctvrti jen tak nevidi:D. Mel jsem asi stesti pac pry cloveka obvykle bodnou kdyz jim nic neda, to jsem se ale dozvedel az zpetne. Ale i pri tom vsem stesti bych mel asi radsi teplotu nez tohle.:)

Vojta, ex.std z Cape Townu, Afrika

p.s:este ze jsem mel mobil v batohu:)

7 Martin Martin | 17. února 2009 v 3:13 | Reagovat

Ty vole tak to je husty... gangster 27.. pro me to jak z filmu, si to proste nedovedu predstavit. Pokud to tam prezijes tak budes mit zivotnich zkusenosti po navratu fakt hodne. To te pak asi nakej ceskej zlodejicek nerozhazi:)

Hele drzim palce. My tu musime mit ve skole vypnuto zvoneni na mobilu, jinak je pruser. Ty si ale hlavne vypinej zvoneni kdyz jdes ze skoly:), co kdyby ti zrovna v ty dobe nekdo cinknul ze..

8 Ondra Mařík Ondra Mařík | 17. března 2009 v 22:53 | Reagovat

Docela husty. Muzes se rekrutovat do dvacet sestky a jit mu s fellakama rozbit hubu :)

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