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31. ledna 2009 v 17:37 | Martin
Since I came to the USA I have answered hundreds of questions. People here are really interested in everything about me, they listen what I am saying and I am often suprised how much they remember afterwards. Here are some of the most usuall questions people have asked me so far. This comes after I introduce myself, otherwise the first questions would of course be "where are you from.." This is generally what kids on high school want to know (adults questions arent so much fun:) and I have put them into order from the most frequent to the rare. Some of them are also with my responds.

Girl- "do you have any brothers or sisters?"
Boy-"Are the girls in Czech hot?"

Girl: "Do you miss your family?"
Boy: "Are the girls in Czech hotter than here??"

Girl: "What is the biggest difference bettween Czech and here?"
Boy: "It is better here, isnt it?"

Girl: "is the food different over in Czech?"
Boy: "Do you have McDonalds?" "Yes" "Hey, they have McDonalds!"
Boy: "Do you have Burger King or TacoBell?" "No" "Oh God! they dont have TacoBell..!!"

Girl: "Do you have democracy in Czech?"
Boy: "Hey, What is the drinking age in your country?" "18." "Man! I wanna go to Czech!!"

Girl: "Do you drink or smoke?" "No." "Good!"
Boy: "Do you drink or smoke?" "yes." "Good!"

Boy: "Hey Martin, do you know what a dingleberry is?" "No"
Girl: "Dont teach him this! Martin, you really dont want to know that!"
Boy: "it is like a small ball of dry shit stuck in your ass hair!"
Girl: "Martin, dont use it! It is nasty!"

Girl: "Ok, so Will you have to repeat this year after you return back?"
Boy: "Is marihuana legal in Czech?" "No" "Damn!.."

Girl: "Is it cold in Czech?"
Boy: "Do you know what snow is?" "yes, do you know where the Czech republic is? :)"

Girl: "what do you do for fun in czech?"
Boy: "Do you go to parties??

Girl: "Say something in Czech." "Trista tricet tri stribrnych strikacek strikalo pres trista tricet tri stribrnych rek"
Boy: "OH-MY-GOD!! What the hell does that mean?" "It means something like Hello in Czech" "You've got to be kidding me.."
Girl: "I was gonna ask you how you say 'I love you' but now it seems we dont have that much time for it:)

Girl: "Are you thinking in English right now?" "Yes" "And do you dream in English?" "Sometimes.."
Boy: "Do you drive?" "no, in Czech you have to be 18" "That suck.."
Boy: "how much is gas in Czech?" "About 6 dollars per gallon" "Shit!"

Boy: "Hey Martin! Do you still remember what a dingleberry is?" "Absolutely"

As you have maybe found out yourself, teaching foreign students "dirty" words is common and popular everywhere.` And even though you may not think so it is one of the most important language skills if you are to make friends on high school quickly. You simply have got to know at least the basic ones and I am doing my best to get good in the advanced ones also. However, there are some people who still think it is funny to teach you a word without telling you what the true meaning is. And when you happen to say "nigger" to the wrong person it may not be always fun. (That has not happened to me, thank god:). Therefore be sure to ask also for spelling (that is much harder, not many teenagers know how to spell this part of English) and then check it with someone else or look it up in a dictionary. (not normal dictionary of course:). Once you know the history:), spelling and all possible meanings of the word you are good to go and try!

Here is the official version of the word "dingleberry" : Dingleberry is a colloquial term for fecal matter mixed with toilet paper stuck in small round clumps to the hair around the anus. Occurring in humans typically indicate a sign of bad hygiene.

They of course did not say it exactly like that and it took me quite a while to even realize that these berries they were talking about have with other berry-fruit in common only the name and you definitely dont eat them with sugar as I was going to ask.

I told them that in Czech we play paintball with dingleberries. It made a big impression on all of them :D


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1 Pavel Pavel | 1. února 2009 v 0:33 | Reagovat

Jo tak tohle je fakt dobrý. Hlavně ty stříkačky. xD

2 Martin Martin | 1. února 2009 v 22:24 | Reagovat

Jo chudaci amici. Musej mit ze me pocit ze Cesky jazyk je nejaka bizardni smes zvuku. Peclive vybiram slova se "ř" a posledne sem jim s vaznym vyrazem oznamil ze "Od poklopu ke poklopu kiklop kouli kouli" A kdyz se chci zeptat, ptam se zasadne jestli se Julie naolejuje a nebo nenaolejuje:D

3 Martin Martin | 1. února 2009 v 22:25 | Reagovat

btw. pokud kdokoliv ze ctenaru zna nejaky dobry jazykolam, sem s nim! Neco novyho se vzdy hodi :)

4 Karolina Karolina | 2. února 2009 v 3:12 | Reagovat

No vsechny tyhle otazky jsou docela casty (taky jsem v Americe na rok, z Prahy) ale po pravde receno nejcastejsi je "hey what's the drinking age in czech" takhle jsem nalakala hodne kamosu aby me prijeli co nejdriv navstivit az prijedu domu. :)

5 Martin Martin | 2. února 2009 v 4:32 | Reagovat

Ahoj Karolino! Jo lidi tu taky rikaj ze prijedou tak uvidim:) Jinak jak si se dostala  na tenhle blog? a kde jses ty? Mas svuj blog?

6 Vojta Vojta | E-mail | 2. února 2009 v 19:37 | Reagovat

Ahoj Martine,

(jsem taky na rok z Prahy, v Jizni Africe.) Me se tu casto ptaji: "Where is ur country? Is it clouse to Amsterdam??:-D. Jinak na to dingleberry se tu zkusim zeptat, jestli to tu taky pouzivaj. Btw, blog mas paradni! Cus

7 Martin Martin | 2. února 2009 v 23:21 | Reagovat

Jo to je fakt, tady me s tim Amsterdamem taky porad otravujou. Co s tim porad vsichni maj? Tady vsichni hulej jako lokomotivy tak jak tak, takze nechapu jakou zmenu by jim to prineslo tam jet.

8 Terka outratova Terka outratova | 3. února 2009 v 15:02 | Reagovat

jeee hele vubec si te nepamatuju:D ale sem si jista ze se jeste potkame! blog je naprosto suprovej,uplne se v tom vidim, proste vsude je to stejny:D fakt presny a vtipny hele:D!!

9 Martin Martin | 7. února 2009 v 5:45 | Reagovat


10 Haf Haf | Web | 24. března 2009 v 15:46 | Reagovat

v roli lorda rolfa hrál vladimír leraus :-)

11 Evyyk Evyyk | 15. dubna 2009 v 2:25 | Reagovat

pudl prdl pudr:DD

12 Andress Andress | 28. dubna 2009 v 20:14 | Reagovat

třeba dobrej s Ř je "zalyžařivší si lyžař potkal nezalyžařivšího si lyžaře"

13 Martin Martin | 29. dubna 2009 v 2:03 | Reagovat

:D tak to bych musel chvilku napred cvicit. Amici me tu taky nekolik naucili, ale zapomnel sem to: je to nejak "She sell sea shells on the sea shore" nebo tak

14 Kačí Kačí | 10. srpna 2009 v 15:08 | Reagovat

Osuš si šoš

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