From the North Carolina to Baltimore

2. září 2008 v 1:51 | Martin
Since I left the North Carolina and got to the Baltimore, I have had almost no time to write. The school I go at is not too difficult, but I still have less time than I would like (well, maybe it is better, at least I have no time to be homesick :) )
The day I left NC after one month, my camp family bought me a Bible. And honestly, I could not have wished for better present. During that month they were doing so much for me. They showed me the United States, we went to the ocean, to the Biltmore house,.. And they are probably the best people I have ever met. But all of this is because of God and I am really glad I was able to be with them in their churches and that they showed me how religious people can be. Actually, they were the first religious people I have been with for a longer time than just for talking and it all made a big impression on me. So I am really thankful for the Bible and I will try to read at least something from it (they told me the book of John is good for the beginner ) And have have other book, too. It is called "how to stay Christian in college" Yeah, I now - How can I stay Christian when I am not one now, and beside I do not go to college but to High school. The second matter I can explain easily - there was a book called "how to stay Christian at High school" also, but it was little bit stupid. It was written for the "teenagers" if you know what I mean, and I dont feel like one. So I took college:) The book has been good so far, but it is true that I havent read much of it so I cant say.
The flight from Charlotte to Baltimore was good. I do not know why but I had to fly over Atlanta, there was no straith flight to Baltimore. Only "problem" was that in time of my arrival to Atlanta there was the hurricane (Fay or whatever was the name). I havent flown so many times so I cant actually say if the turbulence was big, but from the faces of other people in the plane I think it was. When we were about to land, the plane started to move rapidly forward, down, up and back. At the beginning it was fun, but when the mist and rain were all around us it I did not enjoy myself as I would have liked to. Everyone was smiling nervously at each other as we were thrown from side to side and couple of people sitting next to me were reasuring themselves that the pilot surely knew what he was doing. I was glad when we arrived and the idiots in the plane were not even able to clap to the pilot and the crew properly..
And now I am in the Baltimore. I do not live in the baltimore exactly, but about 20 miles away in a smaller city and I go to shool there also. The family here is good, the school is good too and everything is good :) As I said I do not have much time for writing, so my blog will be probably more "dead" than alive, but about two articles a month I think I will be able to write. Also from now on I will try to write mostly in English, except of the moments I will need to change to Czech. Also I will try to add some pictures. I have many of them from NC and some from Baltimore too.

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