20. srpna 2008 v 20:09 | Martin
I went with my family to the ocean beach this weekend. I have never seen the "ocean" before, but I have seen a sea and there was no big difference. When you look on the water you see blue and blue as far as it is possible to look, but when you are at big sea it is the same. Temperature of water was the best possible - you could stay in water as long as you wished and at the same time you weren't hot. It was pity that the beach was sandy and so the water was not so clear as on rocky beach. So there was no reason for diving under water.
On the way back home we stopped on a blueberry field. It was amazing. I am used to the Czech small blueberry bushes. This American blueberries bushes were more than 2 meters high and there was more blueberries than I could have even imagine. And one this blueberry was as big as three Czech. I really like blueberries (actually I like every fruit very much) so I had spent most of my time there, eating and eating and when I could eat no more I put them into a bag. I still have them now in the fridge and I think I will stop writing and will eat some now :)

Buď první, kdo ohodnotí tento článek.


1 Martin Martin | 20. srpna 2008 v 20:42 | Reagovat

oh vidim ze tam jsou chyby, nemel sem cas to zkontrolovat. Presto pokud tam naky najdete napiste je pls sem, pomuze mi to s Aj

2 melee melee | E-mail | Web | 21. srpna 2008 v 10:08 | Reagovat

přešlechtěný blueberry:D

3 lubos lubos | 21. srpna 2008 v 20:33 | Reagovat

nemela by konec posledni vety byt spis I think I will stop writing and eat some now? akoze will jenom jednou

4 Ondra Mařík Ondra Mařík | 26. srpna 2008 v 21:07 | Reagovat

blueberry bushes misto blueberries bushes :)

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