My "usual" day

20. srpna 2008 v 20:10 | Martin
I cant really say how my usual day looks like because almost every day is unusual:) and we are doing something for the first time. But some of days are the same so I will tell you about it. I get up at 7 o clock, at 8 my "school" starts. The stupidity of the school is described in different article, so I will not repeat it again. At 13 30 is the "school" over and my family picks me up. Then usually we go somewhere, to church where I play drums, to a mountains, to a cinema, … But sometimes we do just go home. There I speak with my family or watch Olympics games (I have tried many times to watch table tennis or at least tennis, but obviously the USA has not had good people in this sports so they are always showing gymnastic, swimming (Phelps is more than popular now) or baseball. As I have said many times before, I have gotten wonderful family here and they are really doing their best to show me everything here and explain whatever I ask for, so every day is different. And sometimes we just sit and talk. I really enjoy this, usually we talk about differences between Czech and US things or about god. I just have a great time here!

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1 melee melee | E-mail | Web | 21. srpna 2008 v 10:11 | Reagovat

Hele jak je to tam s Phelpsem, ten tam je asi malá hvězda co?:) Je to borec!

2 Martin Martin | 25. srpna 2008 v 18:19 | Reagovat

Yes, he is. And he is from baltimore :) And I am sad about Sebrle :( I was expecting he would beat Clay and I will celebrate in front of my sad family :D

3 Lina~ Lina~ | 15. května 2011 v 23:57 | Reagovat

i just started with reading your blog and i love it haha i really envy you! I wanna go to us as exchange student so bad ,it's one of my dreams and i hope this one will come true lol :)

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