"BS" called School

20. srpna 2008 v 20:11 | Martin
First of all, I have to say that in spite of headline called "School", this stuff I have to attend here has with school common really only the name. And what is here called "classes" is pure boredom.
The main idea of this one-month school is to prepare exchange students for a real high school we all will go at. When I was going through all that information about it back in Czech, it did look good to me. Speaking, practicing writing, they said they would tell us about the US school system and so on. But when I saw the class for the first time it was obvious that this was not going to be so. There are 11 of us in class. Me and one girl from Czech, one girl and boy from France and the rest are girls from Japan, Taiwan and Korea. Me and Czech girl can speak the best English of all, the two guys from France are pretty good too, but the rest.. it is bad, they cant speak hardly any English at all. That wouldn't be so big problem, after all we all have come in order to improve our English. But problem is they do not want to speak English. And when they do, it is so quiet that honestly nobody can hear them. I think they do not realize they are gonna have a big problem in real school unless they start work and speak now. Maybe the fact that they don't speak English seems like no problem to you, but it is the biggest problem of all here. Because of that, we are doing stuff which is made for elementary US schools. For example, we have read an article about history of Europe. " 500 years ago, people used to live differently that we live now. They did not have any credits cards, there were no planes or cars. Also they did not have computers and TV. They had to travel by foot and hunt an animal. There were no shops like we do have now. …" It seemed like fun at the beginning, but when it is not funny any more after you realize this is what you have payed for. From 8 o clock at the morning to 13:30 afternoon. I have never in my life experienced something more boring than this. But ok, sometimes it happens that not everything is as you would like to be. And I have gotten wonderful family here I can be and speak with. After few days the teachers had noticed that me and few others are bored and that we had already known all US history, grammar and everything we were doing during the classes. But nothing has changed so far. On the other hand, we started to get homework. It is ridiculous to do homework when most of the class can not say even good morning. I had tried to explain this to my family many times, but they are very serious about the school, even about school like this. Or, I should say they were serious. After I had tried to explain the situation to them, each time unsuccessfully, I gave it up. And I stop telling them what we were doing during the classes, because I was sure it was impossible to change their mind. That was the mistake. One day we were at some friends house and they asked me what we were going to do next day at school. I told them we would watch a movie, because we had already watched one and everybody like it. In that point my host mom started to pay attention and asked what movie we had watch. "Bruce almighty." I think everybody has a "key", everybody has something what really works on him. And Bruce was the right thing for my religious mom. If you have not seen it, I can tell you it is BS (it means bullshit but you don't have to say the word) It makes fun from God and it is really stupid.
Well, I will do it shorter: I don't have to go to school any more. Bruce has obviously done a big impression on them and I would like to thank him for that right now and right here, because it saved me a lot of time of boredom. And I have made up my mind I will not do any single "homework" anymore. The reason is that today I brought my dictionary and list of new words to school and told the teachers I would like to learn it. And I was not allowed to. It was the first time in my life I wanted to learn and I was told "no". Instead we had to sit for 3 hours and listen to each other. And because nobody had said anything, we had to sit and stare. And that is what I had payed for. Fortunately, I have the great family I can be with instead of this BS.

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