Biltmore house

12. srpna 2008 v 21:18 | Martin
This is gonna be my first English written report, so please be patient and tolerate my mistakes. It is hard to use proper English, because here Down South, as they say, is usual use incorrect grammar (in some cases.) For example they say "She do" instead "she does". And reported speech, my favorite grammar, is not usually used properly too. (They say "She said she is" instead "she said she was")
My English reports will be shorter, partly because it is harder to write in English and partly because I would like to do a favour to Pavel, who had some difficulty with my long stories and he has not enough time to read it all :) EDIT: The second reason is not valid anymore, becouse The Pavel is someone I dont even know so it is not my problem :)
So, I went with my family to the Biltmore house last weekend. It is supposed to be "the biggest house in the u.s" This does not mean it is really the biggest building, but it is the biggest old building. When Americans want culture, they have it on one big and beautiful place. This house was built 1889 and it is really huge. At first I thought I would not be so impressed. After all, I am from Prague and so old buildings are nothing unusual. But this was really wonderful place. It looks like some palace or castle from outside, but from inside it is more like luxus and rich place where to live. It has gotten (Yes, American English uses "gotten" instead of British "got") about 225 bedrooms, old swimming pool, dining rooms... It took us two days to just go through and see it all. You can have a look on I really enjoyed it, but It was nothing compare to how much Americans must have enjoyed it. It is almost only such place in the U.S and Americans from all country go to see it. Some guy must have been pretty rich :) Actually, the grand grand son of the guy who had it made owns Biltmore now plus gigantic grounds all around, so he is rich as well. I am really glad I have seen it and I suppose it is quite popular thing, because I told Julie I was there and has been there too, and it is quite big distance to Baltimore. I will try to put here photo me with my family sometimes.

Buď první, kdo ohodnotí tento článek.


1 Ondra Mařík Ondra Mařík | 13. srpna 2008 v 1:24 | Reagovat

Hi, thanks for all the news and reports. I like to read your articles but i like them more when it's in czech because it is also funny :) I guess it's way harder to make jokes in english.

2 melee melee | E-mail | Web | 20. srpna 2008 v 19:22 | Reagovat

Thats good that you write in English with differences opposite to british English. I want learn new agvantages or disadvantages of US English. Good luck man! TYPE TYPE TYPE! I want hot news.

3 Hauví Hauví | E-mail | Web | 16. listopadu 2011 v 4:14 | Reagovat

Tady se mi líbí... ;-)

4 mája mája | 15. ledna 2012 v 19:49 | Reagovat

ty jo jak sem přejela očima ten článek, tak sem si řikala, že ses asi zbláznil, že chceš psát v AJ, ale sem fakt překvapená já tomu rozumim!! :D a i mě to baví, když takhle čtu nevo mimo školu tak je to bezva :D jinak se mi moc líbý tvůj blog sem sice jen na začátku. Beru to od začátku heky po pořádku= od konce :D a je to super a jsem moc zvědavá co bude dál. Je bezva poznat AMERIKU jinak než z špičkovejch Holywoodskejch filmů a seriálu.. :)

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